RBK-064 The wife is away and the son-in-law fucks the mother-in-law

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Today is the day my mother-in-law from the countryside came to visit my husband and I. As soon as I saw her, I had a very strange feeling, perhaps because of her youthfulness. At this age, she still retains her elegance. unusually youthful. It was this youthfulness of hers that also caused her change in attitude towards me, seeming to become more interested in younger men. She always deliberately dressed provocatively in front of me, actively making physical contact with me. That made me unable to control my animalistic nature, I began to have thoughts debauched my mother-in-law. The climax was the time she first showed her intimacy with me by actively sucking and licking my penis, which was the premise for my emotions to ignite. violently. I had incest with my mother-in-law.