EKDV-395 Raped her cousin for revenge

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Five years ago, my cousin Ai Uehara took my cock out for fun, making a virgin like me obsessed. In the days that followed, I had to masturbate every day. Today I decided to make love to her! Pay back the damages she caused me! I went to her house but she seemed indifferent to me. While my aunt and uncle went shopping, I snuck into her room and forced her to have sex with me. She contacted me. She continued to resist and said she didn't want to, but in the end, she was conquered by my big and strong cock. After achieving my goal, I immediately returned home, and now she has to take control. masturbating every day is no longer me, instead it is Ai Uehara, you will have to masturbate when thinking about me, you will understand the hurt you caused me the other day!!!