Being served by a lustful masseuse

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At the beginning of the movie, Ichika Matsumoto is massaging a man with a manly appearance. Right from the beginning, she provides a massage like no other, so stay tuned to see the content. While massaging, she whispered lewd words into his ear that made him nervous, gently inviting him to lick his tongue, while her hands gently caressed the cock that was trying to undulate. behind that layer of underwear. Bored with each other's tongue fighting, Ichika Matsumoto started the next step of playing with the guy's cock. Her soft hands slowly caressed what she considered her favorite toy. Ichika Matsumoto wanted to swallow the cock in a strange way and was bored with using only one hand. She gently put the tip of her tongue on it like a lollipop and passionately sucked it. So, perhaps because of not knowing the taste of sex for so long, the young man came out quite quickly and it was also difficult to resist this method because after all, Ichika Matsumoto is also the shop's professional masseuse, right = )). After wiping off the guy's semen, she still gently sucked and licked his cock very quickly, then the guy shot again without being able to control his pleasure, with such pampering of the customer. So there are quite a few men who come to experience the good service here....... There are more and more customers and the waitresses don't rest...... Congratulations The restaurant is getting more and more crowded